Postmodernism and Postcoloniality (EN4205)

Semester II, 2000-2001

Lecturer: Associate Professors Ban Kah Choon and Rajeev S. Patke, Department of English Language and Literature , National University of Singapore

Course Description

This module addresses the cultural and literary intersections between the postmodern and the postcolonial. The two themes will be studied for the often contradictory, and always plural ways in which they characterize the cultures of contemporaneity. Several kinds of tension and overlap between the two will be examined: their resistance to the monologic meta-narratives of modernism and realism (in the arts), and orientalism (in cultural anthropology), colonialism and racism (in geopolitical history), fundamentalism and nativism (in terms of collective identity) and patriarchy (in gender relations); their celebration of dialogic marginality and intertexuality; their recuperation of the mixed modes of hybridity, parody, fantasy and allegory; their convergence and collision over poststructuralist themes; and their self-definition through the nomadic, the diasporic, and the exile.



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Lectures/Seminars Mondays: 1-4 pm

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