The Art of Communication

Anjali Roy, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur

UG Free Elective; Credits: 3-0-0

Course Objective

Viewing communication as the art of integrating verbal and non-verbal media for creating meaning aesthetically, this approach draws on various art forms for acquiring the skills of constructing effective messages. Classical and popular art forms like fiction, film, theatre and dance will be examined for isolating communication techniques that may be fruitfully employed in professional communication.

A comparative study of texts - print, performance and electronic - that employ different channels, oral, written or a combination of both, is proposed : i) to focus on how each uses a particular medium or an assortment to compose a message ii) to show how the choice of the medium alters the message iii) to encourage learners to apply these principles in their own communication


Theoretical analysis and close study of particular pieces will be complemented by practicals where learners would be expected to participate in amateur group projects in one or more particular areas of their choice.


A component of the evaluation will be set aside for projects and assignments that will have to be submitted after the completion of each section.

Resource The course will draw on locally available expertise by inviting guest faculty, including professionals and creative persons, for a hands on experience from time to time.

Texts for close study The following is a tentative list subject to modification depending on the interests of the group.

Words alone: Fiction

Words with pictures: Film

Words with movement: Storytelling

Selected Reading

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