Is Diversification Decay?

Annika Hohenthal, Department of English, University of Turku, Finland

The idea of corruption and barbarity of transplanted kinds of English became accepted by the end of the eighteenth century. The evaluation of different kinds of transplanted English is based on the fate of American English, the first transplanted variety to be despised. According to Bailey,

attitudes toward transplanted varieties of English have taken many forms, from categorical denunciation of an entire national variety to niggling criticism of minute details of local usage...Received wisdom declares that transplanted English must be somehow different, and probably worse; the image, in short, anticipates the evidence.(Bailey 1991: 133).

Indians in their use of English have always been restrained in comparison to Americans, for instance. In India numerous British teachers and officials have been quick to censure all departures from the Standard British English forms. "Imperfections" in Indian English were held up to scorn (ibid, 142).

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