Appendix C:Third Part of the Questionnaire

Annika Hohenthal, Department of English, University of Turku, Finland

Finally, I would like to know how you perceive the Indianized variety of English (with its specific phonetic, lexical and grammatical features).

Which of the following would you say you aim for; which would you like to consider as your model: Received Pronunciation (BBC English; Standard English in Britain) General American English Indian variety of English Or some other variety of English?

Also, do you think one of the above mentioned suits India better than other ones (and if so, then, possibly, why?)?

Do you think that it is still possible to say that eg. RP (Received Pronunciation: BBC English; Standard English in Britain) would be the one and only right kind of English which everybody else should follow and strive for? (Some people are saying that it creates problems in intelligibility if we don't stick to one uniform form of English and they hate the thought of having several, more or less equal varieties of English. They sometimes also consider non-native Englishes (such as Indian English) as somehow deviantŠ) However, could you not argue that we do not live in a static world and situations change; therefore, it's only natural that English language also develops into different directionsŠ Comments on this?


Best wishes, Annika Hohenthal (University of Turku, Finland)

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