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MSANEWS (Muslim Student Association News), a "forum open to all views and ideas. . . in non-discussion format," began in 1991 as a "small campus project initiated at the Ohio State University to serve the local Muslim community here and update it with whatever is written about Muslims in the Western Media." As its on-line editors explain: "Originally we used simply to collect news from Clarinet and post it at our local Masjid, the Omar Ibn al-Khattab Mosque. Then, it was deemed more appropriate to collect news and diffuse it via email to local Muslim students." Since its beginning it has acquired around 1,000 individual and institutional subscribers, including "210 universities; 55 countries and includes tens of think-tanks, research centers, political parties, human rights organizations, news outlets, and official government services."


The Roseta Stone of our service, its interviews and study guides contribute to fundamental research in humanities and social sciences.


With over 1200 links to organizations, think tanks, and government services from the Arab and Muslim World, Launchpad is one of the largest bases online to launch for a safe surfing of the region. This is your one-stop collection of links to news and information about the Muslim world based on years of surfing and browsing expertise.


"Bringing Order to Chaos," this is a scholar-based collection of articles put on the Internet, that we have collected to help students and specialists locate fundamental records by and about variety of scholars from different backgrounds and specialities.

Alkitab Interface

This is our latest service. We plan to bring online the full-text of various books on the Muslim world and Muslim politics. Five books are already online at our site. Other books, available at primary sites are also linked and announced to our subscribers.


Archives is the collection of all articles, contributions and reader's comments the service distributes. They come from various sources: human rights organizations, activist groups, political parties, journalists, etc. Everything we distribute is automatically archived here.


Amwaj brings closer to you tens of local TV and radio stations emanating from the Muslim world. This is the largest such list available online.

Suhuf Interface

Suhuf Interface is a comprehensive graphic interface to various publications and news services by people of Muslim background, affiliation, or related ethnicity residing in the Muslim world and in the West. It includes links to local news agencies. Suhuf mirrors the collection of publications trying to reach you, gain your sympathy, or win you to their cause.


Translatus is the collection of articles our service helped render into English from a variety of sources and about a variety of subjects and issues. Its purpose is to relate the interaction of information within local culture, sensitize audiences about it, and publicize particular sources and authors.

MSANEWS has graciously permitted our site to include its list of resources and descriptions of them. MSANEWS of course retains any copyright. Please contact them directly [[email protected]] if you wish permissions or if you have any comments on their materials or suggestions about them. [GPL]

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