Transcript of a Presentation by the ARC Studio Architecture & Urbanism, URA Centre, 7 May 2002

Transcribed by the University Scholars Programme, National University of Singapore, July 2002. Edited by K. L. Yew and Tamara S. Wagner, University Scholars Programme, National University of Singapore.

This transcription has been taken from a video recording of the presentation. To counteract distortions in the recording the text has been edited for grammatical accuracy and consistency. The presentation also involved a large number of visuals that could not be effectively incorporated into the transcription.

Introductory Address by the Chairperson

As you all know, the Duxton Plain Public Housing International Architecture Design Competition was launched on 8 August last year to find fresh, new, and innovative ideas for high-density high-rise public housing. After eight months of competition and over 200 entries, the jury of the international design competition selected a submission by ARC Studio Architecture and Company as the winning scheme. We are pleased that Mr Khoo Peng Beng and Belinda Huang from ARC Studio and Mr Goh Hup Chor from RSP Architects – their collaborative partners in the second stage of the competition– have agreed to be here tonight to share with us their ideas and concepts behind their winning design and the challenges they faced during the competition and the process.

Opening Remarks by Khoo Peng Beng

This competition was really process-driven and I think, in a way, what we did to produce the scheme was also very much process-driven. When we first started, we consciously tried to resist the impulse to impose any specific form or image or even to reinvent. But rather, we tried to synthesise, analyse the given condition and really to set forth a kind of script, to see what arises thereafter. And then to analyse this set of parameters and basically set the criteria for the beginning, an adding-on or a removal. So the process in a way calls for us to work ahead and see what is emerging.

I’ll start off by discussing our initial hypothesis and analysis. Basically, at the early stages we did case studies and a lot of observation and analysis. We started off by trying to understand the scale.

Presentation of the Duxton Plain Design

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