Views of the Pasir Panjang Container Terminal

(Click on the pictures to obtain larger images, which take longer to download.) Photographs George P. Landow. Images may be used without written permission for any educational purpose. Any commercial or other use requires prior written permission.

(left) Three of the gigantic harborside cranes for the Pasir Panjang container terminal, arrive on a ship. (Middle). A container ship passes the cranes, which are stored before final installation. (Right) The enormous crane used to unload the 20-30-storey cranes. See how it dwarfs the autombiles in the foreground.

Scenes of the Pasir Panjang container terminal in late January 1999. Two shots of the massive moving gantries and one of the gigantic concrete piers. Although the terminal is clearly still under construction -- one sees the flare of welding torches from Kent Vale -- container ships arrive, but only one or two of the units seem to operate. Perhaps they are used for training or to work out any last-minute problems.

Three views of the gigantic harborside cranes. Notice in the left-hand photograph how they drawf the man walking with the sun umbrella.

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