Wooi-Chin J-Son's "Homing Pigeon: Poems"

"Wooi-chin J-son's poems are a marvelous bridge between his native Singapore and the United States."

"He writes of a bamboo flute that is a "disjointed piece of bone. . . hollowed spine." When as a child he coughed building a kitchen fire, he blew up ashes that settled "like frost" on his mother's "silk hair." He some how connects the Susquehanna River to the jade of the Tang Dynasty."

"The poetry of Homing Pigeon brilliantly pulls two worlds together until we understand both freshly and poignantly." --Review by Benjamin Saltman

Published by: UniPress, The Centre for the Arts, NUS. ISBN: 981-04-3505-3. Price: $12. Pages: 68

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