Gwee Li Sui: A Biographical Introduction

Gwee Li Sui, Senior Tutor, National University of Singapore

Born in 1970, Gwee Li Sui has yet to learn how not to write and draw on the same table. His regular works include poems, essays, comic strips, reviews and illustrations. He is known to contribute to publications ranging from textbooks to fantasy books, from university publications to religious publications, and from The Straits Times to, yes, the People's Association Youth newsletters. Nobody asks what he is really interested in anymore. The more well-loved of his early works are still being reproduced with, but usually without, permission.

Gwee teaches literature with a passion at both the National University of Singapore and the Open University. His graphic novel Myth of the Stone (1993) was published to critical silence; it is out of print today and its publisher has since wound up. The thinly-disguised children's story tells of how a boy called Li-Hsu found his way into a realm of mismatched mythical creatures. Who Wants to Buy a Book of Poems? (1998), Gwee's volume of humorous poems, was not meant to be published at all; it was privately circulated for about three years before a selection was bravely issued under the same name.

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