Edwin Thumboo: Biography

Professor Edwin Thumboo, a Singeporean, is Chairman and Director of the Centre for the Arts at the National University of Singapore. He obtained his BA from the University of Malaya and his PhD from the University of Singapore.

His research interests include the modern novel, especially Forster and Conrad; novels of empire from the time of Kipling; Commonwealth literature; theoretical and linguistic issues; and area studies on India, Africa, Australia, and South East Asia; and Shakespeare, especially the R9oman plays,

Besides being a member of the Intrenational Advisory Panel of the BBC English Dictionary, he is also on the editorial and advisory coittee of the following journals: CRNLR Review, Solidarity, World Englishes, Tenggara, and Westerly. He serves on various committees, including National Arts Council, Street Names Committee (Deputy Chairman), Advisory Committee to the Institutte of Policy Studies, and he chairs the PHP Scholarship Selection Commitee.

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