Chinese New Year in Singapore: February 1999

(Click on the pictures to obtain larger images, which take longer to download.) Photographs George P. Landow. Images may be used without written permission for any educational purpose. Any commercial or other use requires prior written permission.

(Left) Chinese New Year decorations on Orchard Road. (Middle) A pastry stall on Pagoda Street and surrounding roads, which turned into a street market several weeks before the holidays. (Right) An artist at work in one of the booths on Pagoda Street.

(Left) Some New Year's art. (Middle) Looking down Pagoda Street from South Bridge Road. (Right) Chinese sausage and other special holiday meats in one of the booths decorated in holiday red.

(Left) Pomellos and other fruit at a stand arranged for the holiday. (Right) Another view of the meat stall.

Yusheng -- the holiday dish that combines all kinds fo flavors and mouth textures, first as it comes to the table, then when the crunchy cereal-like flakes are put on top. Next, one tosses it, as one does a salad, producing an interesting-tasting dish, if a pretty messy one. One eats it not only because it tastes good but because it's associated with prosperity.

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Last modified: 20 February 2002