Scenes from Serangoon Road, Singapore: Deepavali, October 1998

(Click on the pictures to obtain larger images, which take longer to download.) Photographs Ruth M. Landow. Images may be used without written permission for any educational purpose. Any commercial or other use requires prior written permission.)

Before the sun set: the Deepavali arch or gate on Serangoon Road in Little India. [Click upon the image to see the surrounding scene.]

Lights along Serangoon Road. Deepavali, a religious celebration of the victory of light over darkness and good over evil, takes place largely in individual homes. Except for a few non-Indian visitors, almost all the people filling the crowded streets were men -- temporary workers from India who had left their families behind.

Left: More lights along Serangoon Road. Middle and Right: Market stalls along Serangoon Road.

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