Christmas Decorations on Tanglin and Orchard Roads, 1998

(Click on the pictures to obtain larger images, which take longer to download.) Photographs George M. Landow. Images may be used without written permission for any educational purpose. Any commercial or other use requires prior written permission.)

This Christmas train with passengers, station, backdrop, and what-have-you won the 1998 prize for best decorations. We arrived a few minutes after the train stopped puffing white smoke -- I'd seen it a few times while passing in a car -- but the soap-suds snow was still on the ground, and children had a lot of fun playing in it. I wonder if they now think snow is like soap suds?

The same scene during the day and at night, when the darkness hides the palm trees.

Left and Right: The second place winner: "A Fairy Tale Christmas at Centrepoint" -- the ballroom scene from Cinderella. Middle: Lights along Orchard Road, which, I'm told are much sparser this year because of the economic downturn.

Two daylight scenes from Orchard Road: Disney decorations and more toy trains at the crossing near Tang's.

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