Scenes from Mbare Market, Harare

This covered market, which originally sold chiefly food and other produce, such as we see at the left, has increasingly included clothing, plumbing and electrical supplies, and other hard goods until agricultural products now fill less than half of the stalls. The photograph at the left shows maize (or what North Americans call corn) -- the "mealies" mentioned in so much Zimbabwean fiction -- and locally grown grains, including sorghum.

At the right appears a stall containing materials used by traditional healers, who have their own association and retain considerable power. [Click here for a larger image.]

[Photographs George P. Landow. Scans by Giovana Roz, Brown University Visiting Scholar from the University of Turin. These images may be used without written permission for any educational purpose. Any commercial or other use requires prior written permission from]

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