English 201A. African Literature


This course studies the development of African Literature from its origin in orature to the present. It also looks at possible direction for the future.

Students will be expected to write short assignments in class. A major research work will also be assigned.

Program of Study

1) Introduction

a) the origin of African Literature: history, orature and written literature.
b) the author's background in education

2) "Negritude" or Struggle:

The two trends in African writing: Senghor, Cassaire, Diop.
Readings: Selection of Senghor's and Diop poetry; extracts from Cassaire's Return to my Native Land. Cargo, E. Against Negritude

3) Cultural Conflict" or Struggle?

Achebe, Things fall Apart

4) Developing an Anti-Colonial Awareness

5) Anti-Colonial Awareness and Beyond

Beti, Mission tm Kala

5) Disillusionment with Independence

Armah. Fragments

6) Disillusionment Beyond

Iyayi. Violence

7) The Future Possibilities 1

8) The Future Possibilities 2

Ousmane. The Last of the Empire

Essential Reading

1) Introduction:

Cabral, Amilcar. Unity in Struggle
................ Return to the Source
Rodney, Walter. How Europe Underdeveloped Africa

2) "Negritude" or Struggle:

Fanon, Frantz. Black Skin, White Mask
..............The Wretched of the Earth

3) The Future Possibilities

Babu. Socialist Africa or African Socialism

Recommended Reading

Chinwaizu. Towards the Decolonization of African Literature

Ngwgi wa Thiongo. Writing Against Neo-Colonialism

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