English 301B. Language and Form of African Literature

Lecturer: MR. M. B. Zimunya

Does African Literature owe its own form and model to European Literacy tradition or to Africa? By looking at author's content and the language and other stylistic features used to describe and recapture this content, this course seeks to expose the student to problem of language and form in the development of African literature and to assess how successfully the various writer have responded to this problem.

Suggested Booklist

Achebe, C. Arrow of God. Heinemann

Okara, G. The Voice. Heinemann

Marechera, D. House of Hunger. Heinemann/ZPH

wa Tniong'o, Ngugi. Devil on the Cross. ZPH

Ndebele, N. Fools and Other Stories. Revan/ZPH

Armah, Ayi Kwei. Fragments. Heinemann

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