English 301C. Theories of African Literature

DR M. Z. Malaba

The course will examine and critique the different ways of approaching and appreciating the various literatures produced in the African continent, focusing particularly on the features in the content and form of these literatures which help set them aside as forming together, despite their differences, a distinct sensibility from other world literatures. The course shall therefore examine the following approaches in so far as they inform and influence African Literary Creativity and Criticism

Literature and oral sensibility
Language and audience
African nationalism
Feminism and gender approaches, etc.
Modernism and Post-modernism

Suggested Booklist

Chinweizu et al Towards the Decolonialism of African Literature, Routledge/Kegal Press.

Amuta, C The Theory of African Literature, Zed Books

wa Thiong'o, Ngugi Moving the Centre, Heinemann

wa Thiong'o, Ngugi Writers in Politics, Heinemann

Fanon, F. Black Skin, White Masks, Groove Press

Sembene Ousmane Man in Culture, Dept. Handout

Cabral, A. Return to the Source, Dept. Handout

Achebe, C. Hopes and Impediments, Anchor Books

Malcom X. , Path Finder

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