English 314. Language and Literature


This paper is composed of three categories fo conceptualism:

a) The politics of Language and Literature
b) Language and Literary Criticism
c) Language and Literary Creativity

In the first category, we shall examine the database concerning the appropriatesess of using the English Language as a vehicle of articulating the African experience, consciuosness values and reality in comparison with the manner in which the English Language is used to articulate the English value, consciousness and reality.
The second category will examine the possibilities of using African Languages for literary criticism of literature in African and European languages. We will also look at the implication of usinig English to appreciate literature in African languages.
Thirdly, we shall exsamine the manner in which language is used as a creative and imaginative tool as compared to the way in which language is used for everyday communication porpues

Suggested Booklist

A) The Politics of Language and Literature

* wa Thiong'o, Ngugi. Decolonizing the Mind

wa Thiong'o, Ngugi. Moving the Center

* Chinweizu et al Toward the Decolonization of African Literature

* Chinweizu. The West and the Rest of US

Achebe, C. Morning Yet of Creation Day

Palmer, E. An Introduction to the African Novel

Selected works by English writers e.g. Brumfit, Smith etc.

B) Language and Literary Criticism

Soyinka, W. Mith literature and African World View

* O' Flinn, Paul. Them and Us in Literature

Ousmane, S. Man Is Culture

Ngara, E. Stilistic Criticism and the African Novel

* Smitherman. Talking and Testifying: the Language of Black America

* Chidi Emeka. The Theory of African Literature: Implications for Practical Criticism

C) Language and Its Creative Implication

* Shakespeare, W. Hamlet

* Soyinka, W. Kongi's Harvest

Widdowson, H. G. Theaching Language as Communication

Leach and Svartvik. A Communicative Grammar of English

Selected materials from English and African Literature

Selected reading materials from Shona and Ndebele Literature

* very central to the course

Students should not buy texts until they have spoken to the lecturer.

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