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Hypertext and Robert Antoni's Divina Trace

Part One: Introduction

David P. Lichtenstein '99, Brown University, Contributing Editor, Caribbean Web

In writing on Robert Antoni's novel Divina Trace, I noted that it moved beyond traditional themes of Postcolonial writing in order to include within its scope other issues. While not avoiding Postcolonialism entirely, Antoni's novel opened itself to other discourses, such as that of postmodernism. Another discourse with which Divina Trace converges occurs in the world of hypertext. Jaishree Odin's article "The Performative and the Processual: A Study of Hypertext/Postcolonial Aesthetic" outlines several ways in which hypertextual and Postcolonial writing overlap. I believe that Divina Trace with its emphasis on multiplicity, orality, and Postcolonial agency clearly exemplifies many of the shared hypertext/Postcolonial issues that Odin outlines.

Hypertext and Divina Trace

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