The Literature and Culture of Morocco

George P. Landow, Shaw Professor of English and Digital Culture (Computer Science), National University of Singapore

This section of the Postcolonial Web -- the first not concerned with anglophone writing -- began at Postcolonialisms/Political Correctneses, an international conference organized by the Postgraduate School of Critical Theory and Cultural Studies, University of Nottingham, and by The British Council, Morocco, 12-14 April 2001.

On behalf of all readers of the Postcolonial Web and all those who attendd he confrerence, I would like to thank the organizers: Graham McCulloch (The British Council, Morocco), Youssef Yacoubi, Bernard McGuirk (University of Nottingham, UK).

Authors of essays in the Morocco Subweb (this far)

Thanks to Anouar Majid for correcting some errors in spelling.

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Last modified: 13 May 2001