Pakistan: A Chronology

[Note: This chronology derives principally from the timeline linked to the Pakistan Information Page.]

1947 14th August, Independence achieved from Great Britain

1956 29th February, first constitution drafted

---------- 23rd March, proclaimed an Islamic Republic

1958 Martial Law imposed by General Ayub Khan

1965 India attack Pakistan, war lasts 23 days

1969 Power tranferred to General Yahya Khan

1971 Secession of East Pakistan (Bangladesh)

---------- After civil war power transferred to Zulfiqar Ali Bhhutto

1973 New constitution adopted

1977 5th July, martial law imposed by General Zia-ul-Haq

1979 4th April, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto executed

1981 Opposition Movement for the Restoration of Democracy formed

1985 Nonparty elections held, amended constitution adopted, martial law lifted

1986 Agitation for free elections launched by Benazir Bhutto

1988 General Zia killed in an air crash

---------- Benazir elected as Prime minister

1989 Pakistan joins Commonwealth

1990 Benazir's government dismissed

----------Nawaz Sharif elected as Prime minister

1991 Privatisation and economic deregulation program launched

1992 Pakistan elected to Security Council, United Nations

1993 Nawaz Sharif (Prime Minister) & Ghulam Ishaq Khan (President) resign

---------- October, Benazir elected as prime minister. Farooq Leghari elected president

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Last modified 18 May 2001