Call for Papers: Contemporary Iraqi Literature: Representing Violences Princeton University (April 16-17, 2004)

The program in Near Eastern Studies at Princeton University invites submissions of original research dealing with contemporary Iraqi literature. Papers informed by interdisciplinary perspectives, current debates in cultural, literary, social, political and critical theories are especially welcomed. The papers will be published in an edited volume. Possible themes may include, but not limited to, questions of representation of the experience of violences in the history of colonial/ postcolonial Iraq. Topics may explore, for example, the violences of Baathism, War and Occupation; the violence of media representations; rhetorical and psychological violences. Papers may also focus on any of these aspects in specifically defined fields of concern such as Iraqi-Jewish literature, the literature of other minority groups, women�s writings, and the literature of Iraqi Diaspora. The symposium aims to underscore both the polycentric aspects of Iraqi literature and yet the specificity of its political, psychological formations and anxieties.

To submit an abstract or need more information, please send an e-mail to Dr. Youssef Yacoubi: [email protected], fax: (609) 258-1242. Postal correspondence may be sent to

Symposium on Iraqi Literature
110 Jones Hall
Department of Near Eastern Studies
Princeton University,
Princeton, NJ 08544
Tel: (609)-258-7538

The deadline for receipt of abstracts is March 17, 2004.

For updated information on program, speakers, travel arrangements and registration, please keep checking the Website of the Program in Near Eastern Studies at Princeton University.

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