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People Behind the Mosque

Information Technology Education Officer
Mrs Baanumathi d/o Ramanujam, 2001

Information Technology Education Officer

The new-generation mosques in Singapore offers various activities aside from the usual Qur'an reading and religious classes. These include, among others, computer classes for both adults and children, and camps organised for youths.

In early 2001, Masjid Al-Khair engaged the teaching service of an IT learning centre for their students. The mosque stated no preference for teachers' racial or religious backgrounds as it wanted to involve the whole Singapore community.

Baanumathi began teaching at Masjid Al-Khair in July 2001. Being a Hindu, she saw working in a mosque as an opportunity to gain exposure to Muslim culture. Her work at Masjid Al-Khair has made her more aware of Muslim practices and she has even caught glimpses of the congregational prayers. She now feels comfortable and confident in visiting other mosques.

"It is a holy place and I feel protected working here."

To Baanumathi, the most important and fulfilling thing is to have her students apply the skills she has taught them.

"The children love me as a teacher. They do not see me as a Hindu."

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