Tough Girls' Club: Members Train to Use Indian Lathis

Free Press Staff Reporter [Singapore Free Press, 16 February 1953]

Singapore women will band together to fight the menace of the prowler -- and any other of his ilk.

They are to learn the art of self-defence - the skilful wielding of an Indian lathi or pole -- in clubs to be formed by the Singapore Women's Council.

The first club will be opened at the Joo Chiat Social Welfare Centre on Thursday. A beginning will be made with 50 girls over 16.

Mrs. Shirin Fozdar, the secretary of the council, told the Free Press this morning that in addition under-privileged girls would also be taught handicrafts, sewing and domestic science at the classes.


She said: "These cowardly prowlers who attack lonely women should be taught a lesson. And WHO CAN DO IT BETTER THAN WOMEN THEMSELVES.

"They must learn to protect their honour and their homes when their menfolks are away at work."

A trained instructor from India will teach the women.

Some Tiong Bahru women have already indicated that they will join the vigilance corps formed as a result of prowler attacks on women in that area.

Two women were slain, and [a] third had to flee for her life recently.

Mrs. Fozdar said a lathi could send a he-man sprawling on the ground before he knew where he was. Thousands of women in India could use it.

A Singapore businessman has offered to help the club in Joo Chiat Place.

The Women's Council would appreciate aid from others.

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