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Singaporean Poetry in English: A Selected Bibliography of Primary Materials

Leong Liew Geok, Department of English Language and Literature, National University of Singapore

No attempt has been made at being exhaustive, either of all literary works published, or of those by each playwright listed. What follows is a selection rather than a comprehensive catalogue. Many more plays have been written and staged over the past 15 years than have appeared in published form. Of the very small number published, these are noteworthy:

Stella Kon

Emily of Emerald Hill Singapore: Macmillan, 1989

Robert Yeo

One Year Back Home Manila: Solidarity Foundation, 1990

Kuo Pao Kun

The Coffin is too Big for the Hole and other plays Singapore: Times Books International, 1990

Singapore's younger playwrights in English are well represented in these two anthologies:

Fat Virgins, Fast Cars and Asian Values: A Collection of Plays from Theatreworks' Writers' Lab

Singapore: Times Books International, 1993 (Plays by Dana Lam, Russell Heng, Kwuan Loh, Robin Loon, Ovidia Yu, Tan Tarn How, Desmond Sim, Chng Suan Tze, Theresa Tan)

Dirty Laundry, Mergers & Undercover: Plays from Theatreworks' Writers' Lab

Singapore: Times Books International, 1995 (Plays by Eleanor Wong, Tan Tarn How, Theresa Tan, Robin Loon, Enrico Varella, Lee Chee Keng, Otto Fong)

Last updated 30 January 1996. You can contact Leong Liew Geok at [email protected]

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