Malay Nationalism

Su-chen Christine Lim

"Begging Tok's pardon." The chairman was very apologetic. "We can’t talk about politics here. We don't want the government to think that we're a political or secret society."

Cowards! Their English education had changed them into mincing little courtiers dancing to the tune of their masters, lowing like cows led by the nose ring! Please, Allah in your mercy, don't let Omar become one of them.

(Ibrahim) stood up and, raising his voice to make himself heard above the persistent drumming on the tin roof, declared, "Tonight I'm here not to talk about politics but to talk about my acre of earth and my place in it!" He picked off the clump of mud that had stuck to his trousers and held it up for all to see. "Look, this bit of earth belongs to you and me."

-- A Bit of Earth (327).

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