Bibliography of Memoirs and Personal Reminiscences of Colonial Singapore and Malaysia

[Note: This bibliography derives directly from A Sense of History: a Select Bibliography on the History of Singapore, the more complete on-line list of materials compiled by The National University of Singapore Library under the editoriql direction of Tim Yap Fuan. I have omitted many items, chiefly undergraduate and graduate theses written at the former University of Malaya and elsewhere, generally obtainable outside the NUS library. Singaporean users should consult the original on-line bibliography. [GPL]

Abeel, David. Journal of a residence in China and the neighboring countries, from 1829-1833. Contains references to missionary activities in Singapore. New York: Leavitt, Lord, 1834. 398p. [DS507 Abe]

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Buckley, Charles Burton. An anecdotal history of old times in Singapore: from the foundation of the settlement under the honourable the East India Company on February 6th, 1819 to the transfer to the Colonial Office as part of the colonial possessions of the Crown on April 1st, 1867. Singapore: Oxford University Press, 1984. 790p. Reprint. Originally published in 1902. Based mainly on excerpts from the Singapore Free Press for the post-1835 period. [DS599.6 Buc]

Cavenagh, Orfeur. Reminiscences of an Indian official. London: W. H.Allen , 1884. 372p. Contains an account of his governorship of the Straits Settlements. [DS475.2 Cav]

Cook, J. A. Bethune. Sunny Singapore: an account of the place and its people, with a sketch of the results of missionary work. London: E. Stock, 1907. 183p. [BV3320.2 Coo]

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Gwee, Thian Hock. A nonya mosaic: my mother's childhood. Singapore: Times Books International, 1985. 154p. An account of the life and customs of a well-to-do Singapore baba family in the early twentieth century. [DS599.51 Sln.G]

Lim, Hong Bee. Born into war: autobiography of a barefoot colonial boy who grew up to face the challenge of the modern world. London: Excalibur Press, 1994. 458p. [DS595.6 Lhb]

McKie, R. C. H., This was Singapore. London: Hale, 1950. 222p. Reminiscences of life during the period 1937-1939. [DS599.2 Mack]

McNair, J. F. A. and Bayliss, W. D. Prisoners their own warders. Westminster, UK: A. Constable, 1899. 191p. A first-hand account of the convict system. [HV8960.12 Macn]

Onraet, Rene Henry de Solminihae. Singapore: a police background. London: Crisp, 1947. 152p. An account by an Inspector-General of Police of the inter-war years. [DS599.4 Onr]

Read, W. H. M. Play and politics: recollections of Malaya by an old resident. London: W. Gardner, Darton, 1901. 178p. Played a prominent part in public affairs in mid-nineteenth century Singapore. [DS592 Rea]

Purcell, Victor. The memoirs of a Malayan official. London: Cassell, 1965. 373p. Author was a Malayan Civil Service official from 1921-1946. [DS595.6 Pur]

Smith, Albert Richard. To China and back: being a diary kept, out and home. London: Egyptian Hall, 1859. 60p. Has a description of Singapore in 1858. [DS709 Smi]

Tan, Kah Kee. The memoirs of Tan Kah-Kee. Edited and translated with notes by A. H. C. Ward, Raymond W. Chu and Janet Salaff. Singapore: Singapore University Press, 1994. 366p. [DS599.51 Tkk]

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Thomson, J. T. Sequel to some glimpses into life in the Far East. 2nd ed. London: Richardson and Co., 1865. 313 p. [DS507 Tho]

Tregonning, K. G. Home port Singapore: an Australian historian's experience. Nathan, Qld.: Centre for the Study of Australia-Asia Relations, Griffith University, 1989. 78p. Recollections of a former professor of history at the University of Singapore in the fifties and sixties. [LB2331.74 Aus.T]

Warner, Denis. Wake me if there's trouble: an Australian correspondent at the front line: Asia at war and peace 1944-1964. Ringwood, Vic.: Penguin Books, 1995. 346p. Has a description of Singapore in the fifties. [DS35.2War]

Winstedt, Richard. Start from alif: count from one: an autobiographical memoire. Kuala Lumpur: Oxford University Press, 1969. 186p. Has a description of his impressions of Singapore in 1902. [DS596.3 Win]

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