Introduction to Contemporary Indian Literature (513040)

Anjali Roy, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur


The course seeks to examine selected texts in English and from translations in Indian languages to explore their treatment of contemporary issues involving the post-colonial subject. Combining literary criticism with insights from other interrelated disciplines, the course will investigate the post-colonial condition from both western and non-western perspectives. The topics that come under special focus are nationalism, regionalism and internationalism, the relationality of the third and the first worlds in the context of globalisation and non-western challenges to Western hegemony.


The course contents will be decided in consultation with the group taking into account on the interests and competence of the group. Only texts selected for close reading will be covered in the lectures. The remaining texts will be elucidated to the class by individual students through Seminars. The theme for this Semester's course is Fiction.


Students with leanings towards literature and interest in social issues. Knowledge of literature in at least one Indian language will be an added advantage.

Fiction for detailed reading

Non detailed reading


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Last Modified: 14 March, 2002