Controversy initiated by Le Plan d'Action pour l'Lntégration de la Femme au Développement

Souad Eddouada, Mohamed V University, Rabat, Morocco

Notes 5 and 6 of the author's "Feminism and Politics in Moroccan feminist non-governmental Organisations"

This project is an attempt to adopt the gender and development approach. Different feminist organisations and governmental departments participated in the elaboration of this plan of action. Mohammed Said Saadi who, was Secretary of State and led the action for this Plan, is no longer in the government and the plan is postponed.

After the publication of the Plan, two marches were organised. One in Rabat was initially organised as part of Women's Day, but was interpreted as a march to support the plan. This march was mobilised by progressive forces such as the political left, women's and human rights organisations. A counter march was mobilised by Islamist and the conservative parties in Casablanca. This march denounced the Plan's Western alienating project that represents a threat to Moroccan's Muslim identity and authenticity.

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