An International Conference Organized by The Postgraduate School of Critical Theory and Cultural Studies, University of Nottingham, and The British Council, Morocco, 12-14 April 2001. Organisers: Graham McCulloch (The British Council, Morocco), Youssef Yacoubi, Bernard McGuirk (University of Nottingham, UK).

Plenary Addresses

"Provincial Acts: The Limits of Postcolonial Theory." Anouar Majid (University of New England, Maine, USA) -- summary

"Epistemologies of Liberation in the (Post)Colonial Atlantic: Africa & Latin America Resonating." Else R P Vieira (Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil) -- summary

"Caribbean Dish on the PostColonial Table." Daisal Rafeck Samad (Al Akhawayn University, Morocco) -- summary -- complete paper

"Postcoloniality, Information Technologies and Embracing Hybridity." George P. Landow (National University of Singapore) -- summary -- web presentation

" Return to Alexandria: The Alexandria Paradigm as "Redemptive Formula" in its Postcolonial Context." Beverley Butler (University College, London, UK) -- summary not available

"National Drag and Sexual Citizenship." Meg Wesling (Cornell University, USA) -- summary

"The Return of the Fetish." David Murray (University of Nottingham, UK) -- summary

"Taking Back the Nights: Les mille et une nuits and the Idea of the Human." Babak Nahid (University of California, Los Angeles, USA)-- summary

1. Epistemologies

"Post(-)colonialism: 'A tale full of fury and sound' as Negation of the Writing of Self." Marcella Romeo, Palermo University, Italy -- summary -- complete essay

"Masking and Unmasking: A Neo-Colonial World." April Biccum, Nottingham University, UK -- summary

"Strategies of Decolonization in Contemporary Moroccan Discourse." Mohamed Jouay, Caddi Ayyad University, Marrakesh, Morocco -- summary

"Ensuring Fair Play in Inter-Cultural Encounters: Do We Need a Tertium Comparationis -- A Translator's Perspective." M P Williams, King Fahd International School of Translation, Tangier, Morocco -- summary -- complete paper

2. Before and After Midnight

"Hybridity and its Discontents." Deepika Bahri, Emory University, USA -- summary

"Serializing Modernity: New Theories of Subjectivity in Postcolonial Indian Soaps." Sheetal Majithia, Cornell University, USA -- summary

"Fiction As Fission: Salman Rushdie's Aesthetics of Fragmentation and Hybridity." Hassan Ben-Deggoun, Poitiers University, France -- summary

"The Irony of Naming and Shaming the Translator." Youssef Yacoubi, Nottingham University, UK -- summary

3. Woman/Nation

"Nationhood in African Women's Writings." Fatima Bouzenirh, Mohammed V University, Rabat, Morocco -- summary

"Ama Ata Aidoo's Modernism and the Politics of Post-colonialism." Touria Khannous, Brown University, USA -- summary

"Reconstructing Female Identity in a Post-Colonial Context: The Case of Algerian Writers Nina Bouraoui and Leila Marouane." Mina Ait'Mbark, Queen's University of Belfast, Northern Ireland -- summary

"Saving the Mother: Community and Liberation in Kingston and Morrison." Joy Wang, Oxford University, UK -- summary

4. PCnesS

"From Cultural Studies to Cultural Politics: A Revaluation." Abdellatif Khayati, Dhar El-Mehraz/ Fez University, Morocco -- summary

"Reconsidering Postcolonial Comfort Zones." Mourad Mkinsi, Ibn Tofail University, Kenitra, Morocco -- summary

"The Pedagogy of Postcoloniality in American Universities: Time for New Strategies." BioDun J Ogundayo, Pittsburgh University, USA -- summary

"On The (not so) Full Monty: taking the PCS out of Plenitude;" or the Impotence of Being Earnest Bernard McGuirk, Nottingham University, UK -- summary

5. Oralities

"Colonialist Discourse, Nationalist Amnesia and Orality: The Case of Moroccan Colonial Soldiers." Driss Maghraoui. Al Akhawayn University, Ifrane, Morocco -- summary

"The Characteristics and Thematics of Amazigh Poetry (Rif)." Abdslam Khalafi, Alakhawayn University, Ifrane, Morocco -- summary

"Amazigh Poets of the Middle Atlas." Michael Peyron, Al Akhawayn University, Ifrane, Morocco -- summary

"Minority Expression from Souss." Loubna Bijdiguen, King Fahd School of Translation, Tangier, Morocco -- summary-- complete essay

6. Maghreb

"Blurring the Self and the Other: Driss Chraibi, Mouloud Ferouan and Tayeb Saleh." Rachid Boumashoul. Kaddi Ayyad University, Marrakesh, Morocco -- summary

"Knowledge, Self-Knowledge, Liberation: The Quest of the Writer in Djebar's L' amour, la fantasia and vaste est la prison." Debra Kelly. Westminster University, UK -- summary

"Reading Identity and Difference in Abdelkebir Khatibi's Love in Two Languages." Younes Riani, Morocco -- summary

"Perception of the Other in Contemporary Moroccan Literature in French through the Myth of the Prodigal Son." Szonja Hollosi, Nice Sophia-Antiopis University, France -- summary --complete paper

7. Other Americas

"On Guilt, Ethics and Metropolitan Views Of Latin America." Mark Millington, Nottingham University -- summary-- complete paper

"Sarmiento's Britons, Berbers and Barbarians -- Gender and Ethnicity in Argentina's Project of Modernity." Victoria Goddard, Goldsmiths College, London UK -- summary

"Guilt Without Borders: Waiting in Vain for the Sure Salvation." Melvin Hall, Alakhawayn University, Ifrane, Morocco -- summary

"Refusing to "Write Black": British Writers Imagining Whiteness." Aisha D Tinnermon, New York State University, USA -- summary

8. In-between-ness: Liberation Projects

"Food, Hunger and Identity in MeiNg's Eating Chinese Food Naked and in Lan Samantha Chang's Hunger." Elisabetta Marino, Rome University, Italy -- summary -- complete essay

"Postcolonialism and the teaching of Shakespeare in Morocco." Abdellatif Hakim (Dhar Mehraz, Fes University, Morocco) -- summary

"Moroccan Shakespeare: From Moors to Moroccans." Khalid Amine, Abdelmalek Essaadi University, Tetuan, Morocco -- summary -- complete essay

"Theorising non-western Knowledge: the President, the Judge, and the Poet." David Johnson, The Open University, UK -- summary

"Mixed "Race" Identities: Issues and Dilemmas." Nicholas Banks, Nottingham University, UK -- summary

9. "Ce sacré vol": Myths/Lifts

"A Touch of Otherness: Artaud's Les Tarahumaras." Jean-Xavier Ridon, Nottingham University, UK -- summary

"Promising "Post-Colonialism": Deleuze-Guattari's "Minor Literature" and the Poetry of Arthur Yap." Irving Goh, The National University of Singapore -- summary -- complete paper

"Decolonizing Theory: Post-Tradition as an Everyday Practice." Said Graiouid, Mohammed V University, Rabat, Morocco -- summary

"A Postcolonial Representation of Arabic." Mohamed Benhaddou, Abdelmalek Essaadi University, Tetuan, Morocco -- summary -- complete paper

10. Re-spacing Cultures

"Translating Culture: The Economy of Articulation and Confinement." Jamal Eddine Benhayoun, Abdelmalek Essaadi University, Tetuan, Morocco -- summary

"The "Beur" Literature: Transcultural Encounters." Karima Laachir, Leeds University, UK -- summary not abvailable

"Hybridity and the Politics of Instability Ahmed Radi, Kaddi Ayyad University, Marrakesh, Morocco -- summary

"What it Means to be a Cosmopoet in the New Millennium." Khalid Hajji, Mohamed I University, Oujda, Morocco -- summary -- complete essay

11. Writing Spaces

"Writing on the Blank: From Desert Incisions to "Deserted" Surfaces." Julian Moyle, Nottingham University, UK -- summary

"Beyond the Medina/Nouvelle Ville Colonial Manicheism: The Cultural Implications of Post-Independence Urbanisation "Policies" in Morocco." Lahcen Haddad, Mohamed V University, Rabat, Morocco -- summary

"Algeria and Writing: The Theoretical Fictions of Pierre Guyotat." Andrew Hussey, Aberystwyth University, Wales, UK -- summary

"'Can the Subaltern Hear?': The Place of Rhetoric and the Rhetoric of Place in Postcolonial Theory." Colin Wright, Nottingham University, UK -- summary -- full essay

12. Technologies Re-mappings

"Global Virtual or Local Real Mapping?." Candida Elton, Nottingham University, UK -- summary

"English in Carthage; or, the 'Fifth Crusade'." Mongi Bahloul, Sfax University, Tunisia -- summary -- complete paper

"Sharing The Placeless Stage: Connecting Places -- Transcendental Spaces Lizbeth Goodman, Surrey University, UK, and Katherine Milton, Arizona State University -- summary

13. Feminism in Morocco

"Moroccan Women's Writers in Arabic Expression." Rhissassi Fouzia, Kenitra University, Morocco -- summary

"Women in the Moroccan Oral Tradition: Dreams of Transgressions in two Berber Tales of Wonder." Yasmina Sarhrouny, Mohamed V University, Rabat, Morocco -- summary -- complete essay

"Gender, Postcoloniality and Orality." Hasna Lebbady, Mohamed V University, Rabat, Morocco -- summary -- complete essay

"Feminism and Politics in Moroccan Feminist Non-Governmental Organisations." Souad Eddouada, Mohamed V, Rabat, Morocco -- summary -- complete essay

14. Orientalizing Morocco

"'Going Native': Isaac Muñoz's Tales of the Maghreb." Richard Cardwell, Nottingham University, UK -- summary

"Constructing Native Cultures: Travel, Gender and Hybridity in E. Keenne's My Life Story (1911) and E. Freud's Hideous Kinky (1993)." Hamid El Mountassir, Sais/ Fez University, Morocco -- summary

"'Turning Moor': Apostasy, Miscegenation and National Identity." Khalid Bekkaoui, Dhar al Mahraz University, Fez, Morocco -- summary

"Sympathy or Antipathy? Aspects of Christian Attitudes to Moors in Medieval Spanish Ballads." Jan Gilbert, Cambridge University, UK -- summary

15. In and Out of Africa

"Recovering Africa's Epistemic Space: An Argument from Cheik Hamidou Kane's Les Gardiens du Temple." Christian Onikepe, The University at Buffalo, USA -- summary

"Practising History in Theory: Assia Djebar's Quatour Algérien." Seth Graebner, Harvard University, USA/ Kaddi Ayyad University, Marrakesh, Morocco -- summary

"Defining Position or Expressing Opposition?: V.S Naipaul and Hybridity." Samira Chakroune, Sais University, Fez, Morocco -- summary

"The Interpreters' Cultural Politics, or Soyinka's Postcolonial Otherness (Alterity)." Mohamed Dellal, Mohamed I University, Oujda, Morocco -- summary -- complete essay

16. Ireland: Communities/Politics

"Political Correctness Applied: Multiculturalism in Northern Ireland." Michel Savaric, Toulouse-Le-Mirail University, France -- summary -- complete paper

"Irish Nationalism, Irish writing and Some Problems in Post-Colonial Theory." Stephen Regan, Royal Halloway College, London, UK -- summary

"Sean O'Casey and Ireland's Easter Rising." James Moran, Cambridge University, UK -- summary

"A New Hybridity? Bisexuality, Queer Theory and Mary Dorcey's Biography of Desire." Paula R Pratt, Al Akhawayn University, Ifrane, Morocco -- summary -- complete essay

17. Bodies Traces Violence Scars

"'We're Gonna smash their heads in coz they ain't got nothing in 'em': The Epistemology of Violence." Huma Ibrahim, Long Island University, USA -- summary

"Postcolonial Violent Realities and Practices." M'barek Rouwane, Hassan II University, Casablanca, Morocco -- summary

"Call it Palimpstine: Mapping the Palestinian state of Injury." Aimée Shalan, London University, UK -- summary

"Going Native: White Masculinity, Colonial Panic, and the Threat of Homosexuality in William Golding's Lord of the Flies." David Agruss, Cornell University, USA -- summary

18. Repression Effects

"Reflections on Biography: Tom Harrison and Frantz Fanon 'go-native.'" Gareth Stanton, London, Goldsmith's -- summary

"Inner mission/Guilty Conscience." Chan-Young Park, Nottingham University, UK -- summary

"Aspects of Colonial Naming Practices." Redouan El Ayadi, Abdelmalek Essaadi University,Tetuan, Morocco -- summary

"Anna and the King: Controversy and Post-Colonialism in Thailand." Pawit Mahasarinand, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand -- summary

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