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About the Publication

Alexandra Hospital: From British Military to Civilian Institution 1938-1998 was produced in a partnership between Alexandra Hospital and the Language and Communication Department of Singapore Polytechnic. The publication is presented as a contribution to the understanding of Singapore's past and is dedicated to those who died in the Alexandra Massacre.

About the Author

Jeff Partridge is an American writer and lecturer based in Singapore. His articles have appeared in The Straits Times and Her World and his first book, No Longer Strangers, was published in 1996 by RST International. Jeff Partridge has taught in China and the United States and in Singapore at Temasek Polytechnic, the Open University, the National University of Singapore and Singapore Polytechnic. He wrote this book as a member of Singapore Polytechnic's Language and Communication Department, and is currently a Research Scholar at the National University of Singapore where he is studying for a PhD in the English Language and Literature Department.

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Alexandra Hospital: From British Military to Civilian Institution 1938-1998
First published in 1998.
Produced jointly by Alexandra Hospital and Singapore Polytechnic.
Author: Jeff Partridge
Art Direction: Sylvia S H Tan
Design and print production: Viscom Design Associates, Singapore

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