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The book cover exemplifies the cutting-edge graphic design and layout of this entire volume. Design by Viscom Design Associates, under the direction of Sylvia S H Tan.




Preparing for War

Diary of a Young Medic

Malaya Under Attack

The Alexandra Massacre

Civilian Hospital

First Limb Re-Attachment

Purchasing the Book



Alexandra Hospital: From British Military to Civilian Institution 1939 - 1998 (ISBN 981-04-0430) sells for Singapore $25. It is a high quality coffee table book of 132 pages designed by the award winning Viscom Design Associates.

To purchase copies of the book, please contact Ms Aida Tay of Alexandra Hospital.

By e-mail: TAY_Ai_Ling@MOH.GOV.SG

By Phone: (65) 470-8411

By Fax: (65) 479-3183

By Post: Ms Aida Tay
Alexandra Hospital
378 Alexandra Road
Singapore 159964

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